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Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

When renovating your bathroom or making it guest friendly, the ceiling can make a big difference.

Add texture and visual interest to the ceiling with beadboard panelling, textured paint or stamped metal. Alternatively, go for a more rustic aesthetic by installing faux wood beams.


Painting your bathroom ceilings is a great way to give the room an eye-catching aesthetic. Not only will it improve air circulation and reduce condensation, but it can also prevent mildew and mould buildup in the space.

It is essential to use paint that resists water and moisture, especially in high traffic areas like bathrooms. Doing so will shield your home’s interior from mold and mildew buildup that could cause health problems such as allergies or respiratory difficulties.

When painting your bathroom ceilings, water-based latex paint is the best choice. Not only is this type of paint easier to clean and dries faster than oil-based paint, but it’s less likely to develop a yellow tint over time.

Another advantage of water-based paints is that they’re VOC-free, making them ideal for small spaces. Furthermore, water-based paints tend to be more durable than oil-based ones which may have less stain resistance.

Before beginning a new paint job, it’s essential to prepare the walls and ceiling. Doing this will guarantee an even application of paint, preventing any clumping. Furthermore, stirring the paint before use helps distribute its pigments evenly.

Once again, wipe down the ceiling to eliminate any dirt or mildew. For best results, use sugar soap, warm water and a sponge to effectively eliminate residue.

To prevent paint from peeling, it’s essential to pre-treat the area with a water-resistant primer. These products can be found at many stores and come in an array of colors designed to resist moisture and mildew.

Finally, use a drop cloth or canvas to cover the ceiling and walls before beginning painting. These materials are heavier than plastic, protecting your floors from any accidental drips of paint.

If you’re considering painting your bathroom ceiling white, opt for a paint specifically designed for this space. While these may be more expensive than regular paints, they provide longer-lasting and durable results as well as being easy to clean – an important consideration in high traffic bathrooms.


Wallpaper is back and it’s an affordable way to add style to a bathroom. Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary aesthetic, patterned and textured wallpapers can take an otherwise plain space to the next level with ease.

Selecting the ideal wallpaper for a bathroom installation is essential to ensure it looks professional, is water-resistant, easy to clean, and matches other elements in the room. Additionally, take into account what type of ceiling will be used – fiberglass, drywall or gypsum all make great options for moisture resistance materials.

Another essential factor to consider when wallpapering is how much coverage you’ll need. The higher up you go, the more rolls will be needed; thus, ensure to purchase enough rolls to completely cover any area you plan to wallpaper.

When working with a small bathroom, you may need more than one roll of wallpaper to cover all walls. Furthermore, many wallpapers now feature removable features which make removal simpler if you ever decide to alter the aesthetic.

Before you begin, ensure your walls are clean and primed. Doing this will prevent wallpaper from being prone to splatters or flaws in the finish.

Once you select a pattern for your ceiling, opt for one that can easily conceal slight misalignments of the pattern match. Large scale prints tend to hide mistakes better than smaller designs with less repetition.

When selecting your bathroom design, be sure to select elements that coordinate with other bathroom fixtures like faucets and showers. Doing so will give the illusion of more space in the room, giving it a unified aesthetic.

Wallpapers come in an array of colors and patterns, so you can personalize your bathroom to suit whatever design and color scheme you desire. Choose muted hues to keep the space feeling open and airy or go darker for added drama.

You can also opt for whimsical designs to bring a lighthearted atmosphere into the room. Common wallpaper patterns feature woodland creatures, fruits, and checkerboard patterns.

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are an ideal way to bring a bold and unique aesthetic to any bathroom design. They come in an array of colors, shapes, sizes and textures that make them highly versatile; you can install them on both walls and floors alike for use on both walls or floors. Mosaics make perfect choices for bathrooms due their non-skid protection, water resistance and easy installation – making them great choices for homeowners!

One of the primary advantages of mosaic tiles for bathroom ceilings is their ability to visually enlarge small areas. This is possible since mosaics have fewer grout lines than larger tiles, making it simpler to observe the overall pattern on the floor.

Another advantage of mosaics is they’re easier to install on curved surfaces than larger tiles. For instance, if your shower slopes, larger tiles won’t fit; however, small glass mosaic tiles will fit perfectly. Furthermore, grouting them requires less effort which increases slip resistance; more grout means better slip resistance for your tile installation.

Mosaics are incredibly versatile, and can be employed to define space, create borders or even wallpaper in your bathroom! With them, you have the freedom to create an eye-catching custom design that will stand out on any surface from the floor to the ceiling.

Mosaic tiles offer the advantage of being versatile, as they can be combined with other types of tile such as ceramic or glass to create a truly unique aesthetic. This is particularly helpful if you have limited space that needs expanding or an expansive bathroom that needs making feel larger.

If you want to maximize the beauty and functionality of your bathroom renovation, installing mosaics in your shower could be the perfect finishing touch. Not only will this prevent mold from growing up the ceiling, but it will give the room a polished, finished appearance as well.

For further inquiries on adding a decorative touch to your bathroom, reach out to Degnan Design Build Remodel in Madison, Wisconsin!


Anaglypta wallpaper is an iconic decorative style of wallpaper featuring raised designs that has been around for over 100 years, but which has gained worldwide recognition in recent decades.

It is a durable, heavy-duty wall covering commonly used to wallpaper areas under dado rails on ceilings as well as around stairways and hallways. Furthermore, it can easily conceal minor plastering imperfections.

A textured finish allows it to camouflage bumps in the wall that might be difficult to cover up with standard wallpaper. Furthermore, this type of wallpaper has less tendency for peeling and cracking than other options, making repairs simpler.

Due to its decorative nature, you can use it to achieve a variety of looks. For instance, you could replicate elaborate flocking or pressed tin ceiling tiles with it; alternatively, paint it to appear like stone or an intricately carved molding.

Anaglypta for bathroom ceilings offers the advantage of adding a unique flair to the decor of your space. This durable relief wallpaper works well in areas where you want to create an eye-catching focal point and tie together various design themes.

Anaglypta offers an expansive selection of designs, so no matter your space you’ll find the ideal match. Whether you prefer Victorian-style wallpaper or something more contemporary, Anaglypta has got something perfect for any bathroom.

If you’re thinking of using decorative wallpaper in your bathroom, be sure to prime the walls before hanging it. Doing so will make removing it much simpler if ever necessary.

Once your walls have been primed, hang a layer of lining paper on them to prevent seam overlap and create an effective grip surface for heavier decorative anaglypta items.

Another great advantage of decorative wallpaper is that it can easily be painted. Raised pattern contours can be painted, creating an eye-catching effect when selected in a color tone.

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